Is it Possible to Host Firebase for Free? Answers to 9 Questions

Is Firebase Hosting available for free?

What is the price of Firebase Hosting?

This blog article contains the answers to ten questions.

Host Firebase for Free

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I'll start with the basics because many people are unfamiliar with Firebase and its hosting capabilities.

1. What is Firebase?

Firebase is a mobile and online app development platform launched in 2011 by Firebase, Inc. It was later purchased by Google in 2014.

Firebase is a BAAS (Backend-as-a-Service) that allows you to build better apps, websites, and games without having to worry about server-side coding, APIs, or backend data storage.

2. What is Firebase Hosting?

Firebase Hosting is a fast, secure, and dependable dynamic and static web hosting service. Production-grade web content hosting for developers is what the big G calls it.

Furthermore, files are stored on SSDs and CDN edge servers all around the world. It can host files such as (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and so on), which are likewise supported by Cloud Functions.

3. How Much Does it Cost to Host Firebase?

Because it is based on the Freemium Model, Firebase Hosting is not fully free. Firebase Hosting is free under the Freemium Model, however you will be paid for additional functionality.

The Firebase Hosting pricing for the free and premium models can be found here.

The highlighted square in the screenshot represents the Firebase Hosting free edition features.

When you go over your GB storage (space) limit, you'll have to pay $0.026 per GB. It means that if you need 50GB of storage, you will just have to spend $1.3. That's a fantastic deal.

Similarly, if your website uses 100GB of bandwidth per month, you will be charged $15 each month, which is a significant number.

The nicest feature about Firebase Hosting's free version is that you can attach a custom domain, which is something that other platforms charge a lot of money for.

Your website and app will never be deemed secure without SSL. SSL is now a standard, and it is provided free of charge.

You can also host many sites per project, which is a plus. You don't need to break your website into several projects.

It demonstrates that most developers can afford Firebase Hosting. The free version is sufficient for newbie developers' needs and desires.

4. Is It Worth It to Use Firebase's Free Hosting?

It is all up to you.

Blogger, another amazing Google tool, provides unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, a free custom domain, and free SSL.

When it comes to customizing, however, it has a lot of limitations and drawbacks.

To launch your website on Firebase hosting, you must create a folder and place all of your files in there. You can use it to create a simple HTML and CSS website.

However, if you want to be a professional blogger, WordPress hosting is the way to go.

What if I told you that Our website is powered by WordPress and hosted on DigitalOcean.

5. Can WordPress be installed on Firebase Hosting?

This is a fascinating question.

Because Firebase Hosting does not allow PHP or any other server-side programmed, you will be unable to install WordPress. WordPress requires PHP to work properly, whereas Firebase Hosting just provides static material such as HTML, CSS, JS, and pictures.

WordPress requires a database, PHP version 5.2 or higher, plus a number of additional technologies that Firebase Hosting does not offer.

6. Is PHP Supported by Firebase Hosting?

PHP is not supported by Firebase Hosting. Only static material like as HTML, CSS, JS, and pictures can be hosted via Firebase Hosting. To run PHP, you'll need to purchase dedicated hosting from a company like Bluehost, Siteground, or Kinsta.

7. Is it Possible to Use a Custom Domain with Firebase Hosting?

You may, of course, add a custom domain to Firebase Hosting for free. It requires some steps that we have explained in this article.

8. What is the Bandwidth Limit for Firebase Hosting?

Firebase Hosting's free plan allows you to use only 10GB of bandwidth each month. If your page is 1MB in size, it can only accommodate 10,000 monthly visitors.

9. What is the Best way to Use a Custom Domain Name Email Address with Firebase Hosting?

Unlike Gmail, Firebase Hosting does not include an email feature. However, Zoho, which has a free plan, can help you effortlessly build a professional email. To create a professional email, you only need access to the domain.

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