Why Firebase is Used? 5 Important Uses of Firebase

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5 Important Uses of Firebase

Similarly, Firebase is used for a variety of functions that can aid in the development, growth, and quality of your project.

Furthermore, Firebase was created with developers in mind to address all of the challenges they may have while developing an app.

What Does Firebase Do?

Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a Google platform that provides functionality and aids in the backend development of Android, iOS, and web applications, as well as some Unity3D-compatible products.

Top functionalities are:
  • Users data such as chat messages, user details, and other information are stored in the Firebase Database.
  • User-generated content, such as the profile image and multimedia messages, are stored in Firebase Cloud Storage.
  • Notifications are sent via Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • A/B testing may be done on the move with Firebase Remote Config.
Firebase provides a lot of useful features, but we've highlighted 19 of the more impressive ones.

You could wonder why no alternative product, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), is employed instead of Firebase.

I've already discussed Firebase vs. AWS in depth.

The nicest aspect is that Firebase includes all of the functionalities that have enabled my projects to advance.

It was about the middle of 2015 when I first started developing Android apps, and I was completely bewildered when it came to the backend of my app's development.

Because Firebase was not particularly stable, popular, or reliable at the time, and Parse (a Facebook-owned BAAS firm) was not taking new users due to its closure.

And, for a rookie like me, setting up and managing my server was a pain (which I thankfully avoided).

So, after hearing about Firebase for a few months, I began learning and applying it. This is how I started using Firebase; can I count myself one of Firebase's early adopters?

The top Firebase products that I am addicted to are:
  • Firebase Remote Config: I adore this software; it has rescued me from going bankrupt on several occasions. I've already said why I like it since it lets you to change the layout and function of your app without requiring customers to download it.
  • Firebase Database: I've been using this software since it first came out since it stores data in JSON and synchronizes it in real time.
  • Since it allows you to authenticate your app with users, Firebase Authentication has saved me many hours of time.

Important Uses of Firebase

1. Analytics

Every scale, type, and type of developer, in my opinion, should use Firebase Analytics.

It provides such a detailed insight of your goods that it can assist you in growing and developing marketing tactics. And it's completely free.

You can quickly uncover any problems with your app that are related to the users who visit it.

Customized analytics must be written in code to appear in Firebase Console; otherwise, it logs pretty much everything.

2. Remote Config

A/B testing, providing a personalised experience, and much more are all possible with Firebase Remote Config, depending on how you utilise it.

The key-values are stored in Firebase Console and then retrieved in your app.

Different values can be configured for different OS versions, regions, app versions, and much more. If you haven't already, I strongly advise you to investigate this amazing tool and see how you can use and benefit from it.

3. Database

We can describe the Firebase Database as "extremely great!" It gives you with two sorts of databases.
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore 
  • Firebase Realtime Database
Both of these databases can save you a lot of time.

Firebase Cloud Firestore preserves data in documents and collections, while Realtime Database stores data as a JSON object and provides it to all connected clients in Realtime.

Both of these databases are highly flexible, scalable, and NoSQL. Giving developers yet another compelling incentive to start utilizing Firebase.

4. Cloud Messaging

Firebase Cloud Messaging is also a convenient and useful product; if you add it to Android Studio as a dependency, you can start using it right away.

You can select user segments to send push notifications to, and you can check the proportion of users who opened the notice once it has been sent.

5. Authentication

Firebase Authentication can assist you in implementing features that a beginner might desire, such as email/SMS verification and allowing users to sign in/sign up.

It saves a lot of time by making the sign-in/signup process as simple as possible.

The great thing is that it grows your app's user base and fosters trust, making it more professional, better, and faster.

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