Custom Domain for Firebase Dynamic Links

Aren't custom-made items cool?

Custom Domain Firebase Dynamic

Firebase Dynamic Links' custom domain capability is also useful, as it aids in:

  • SEO
  • Branding
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing


But, Waqas, how SEO?

You may connect your website to each other using the lethal mix of Firebase hosting and Firebase Custom Domain.

I've seen websites that employ the strategy and achieve high Google rankings. I'll be writing a detailed article on the subject soon.

Normally, Firebase assigns a domain, which appears spams and filthy.

However, after you attach the custom domain, the perception changes since you can create a professional link that generates credibility and trust.

  • https://ex.amp.le/link-suffix

Using the Firebase Console to Create a Custom

I paid a few bucks to NameCheap for the domain, only for the purpose of writing this article.

I've separated it into two pieces for ease of understanding:

1. Creating a Hosting Environment for Dynamic Links

To begin, go to Firebase Console and pick your project, or start a new project if you haven't already.

custom domain Firebase hosting

Then type in the domain name you just bought or any other domain. Free domains are also available.

Enter custom domain Firebase hosting

After that, you must confirm your domain's ownership. Simply copy the TXT record and put it into your DNS provider to accomplish this.

Verify domain ownership in Firebase console

Because I use, I've included it in the Advanced DNS section.

add txtRecords in Namecheap

It could take up to 24 hours for the data to disseminate.

It took me ten minutes in my situation.

Do you want it to happen right now? Use Cloudflare to ensure that DNS propagation is lightning fast.

Go to the Firebase Console and click Verify after that.

Now, as indicated in the image below, copy the A Records.

add A Records in namecheap

And paste them into as A Records, just like we did with the Advance DNS.

As you can see, I've added four records to this list.

All Records in namecheap

Two records have a host value of (@) and two records have a host value of (@). (www).

The reason for this is that some companies register A Records with the host value of (@) and others with the host value of (@). (www). To avoid confusion, I've included both types of records.

@ stands for your website's name, in case you didn't know.

Return to the Firebase Console and click Finish after adding all of the A records.

If you have a problem, don't hesitate to ask a question in the comments section below; you'll get a response faster than any assistance.

2. Dynamic Links of Firebase Console

Select your project in Dynamic Links.

Click Get Started if you've never used Firebase Dynamic Links before.

From the top drop-down menu, select Add URL prefix.

Custom domain dynamic Link add url prefix

Complete the setup wizard in the same way you did in Part 1.

Click Continue after entering your unique domain name.

Enter custom domain in Firebase Dynamic Links

Then click Continue after selecting the Firebase Hosting section.

Custom Domain Dynamic links with Firebase Hosting

Now that you've validated your domain with the domain registrar (in my instance,, which we performed in Part 1, it's time to go on to Part 2. After that, click Finish and then Continue.

Then, as shown in the screenshot below, your domain gets added to the Firebase Console.

custom Domain in Firebase Console

Your Firebase account is now linked to your own domain. You can also build more dynamic links for this domain after that.

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