Best 9 Benefits And Uses Of Firebase Dynamic Links

Google has created some fantastic products that are completely free to use. The Firebase Dynamic Links tool is one of them, and it's a fantastic tool for mobile and web developers.

Uses  Firebase Dynamic Links

You're not aware of it?

Let me give you a quick rundown of what it is.

Deep links are Firebase Dynamic Links, which you can change according to your needs and desires.

You have control over where users are allowed to go and where they are not allowed to go.

For example, you might want users to download your app in order to access the link you supplied.

1. Converting web Users to App Users

Being on someone’s mobile as Associate in Nursing app is like having house in someone’s life or home.

With the assistance of a dynamic link, your internet user will go specifically to a particular a part of the app wherever they're engaged on the web site.

For example, as you'll be able to see within the image if someone is taking note of a song on the Shazam web site and he desires to put in the app, then the user will visit the link and install the app.

When the user installs the app, songs activity can resume wherever the users left that.

Pretty cool? Right.

It means that the user won’t be distracted with different options of the app.

In straightforward words, it’ll give Associate in Nursing exceptional user expertise.

2. Social Campaign

Suppose you’ve created Associate in Nursing app and you wish to unfold a word concerning it across the world.

You want to inform your audience concerning the discount you’re reaching to provide them.

You can produce an easy and fascinating social campaign with dynamic links.

In this method, current and future users will simply retrieve these offers in spite of whether or not they’re victimization automaton, iOS, or the web.

3. Email Campaign

After commercial enterprise your app it’s a tough task to realize users, and email selling campaigns square measure one among the foremost effective and helpful ways in which to urge customers retention and engagement.

And email selling continues to be a good and straightforward thanks to market your customers.

You can group A stunning Email campaign message and enter some data concerning your provide and add dynamic links as an attractive button and send the e-mail to any or all your users (customers).

Whenever a user opens the link then the link corresponds consequently.

In this method, you'll be able to simply get additional users.

In the below screenshot, you'll be able to get additional travelers for your traveling company.

4. SMS Campaign

A large number of small corporations use SMS promoting.

Yes, the SMS campaign still exists.

And truly, typically it’s a quite great way to achieve users.

The reason is straightforward SMS campaigns price low and you'll be able to target users UN agency reside on the far side the market means that loads of users understand a really tiny a part of the web.

You can merely place the dynamic link of a product and place a rule that the merchandise ought to open in your app if the app is put in otherwise open the web site.

5. User-to-User Sharing

You can simply share your app content with their friends or members of the family.

It doesn’t matter that platform your friends use.

It’s a wonderful thanks to raise alternative users to explore your app.

Who is aware of the new user would possibly purchase your app.

Curious about a way to implement it?

6. Converting Desktop Users to App Users

When an internet site user bookmarks a page and sends himself the link.

They can simply open the link on any device.

As you'll be able to} see within the image an internet user sends location into his iOS device and a user can simply access identical app setting on their humanoid phone.

7. App Promotion in the Real World

You can encode your dynamic link into your physical display using QRcode and Eddystone.

You may promote your app at events and other venues this way.

The QRcode is frequently used as a payment gateway. Like Whatsapp, you can use QRcodes for authentication.

8. Reward Referral

This is one in all my favorite and best ways that to use dynamic links.

You can use dynamic links to urge a lot of users.

Whenever a user registers on your app. simply push your user to bring your friends, members of the family on your app by giving them some referral bonus points like most of the payment entranceway firms do.

9. Affiliate Marketing Using Short URLs

You can use Firebase Dynamics Links instead of Bitly or other short link providers to make your URL shorter.

You have the option of creating a long, short, or cool URL.

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