Best 10 Firebase Alternatives You Should Be Aware in 2020

Are you looking for alternatives to your girlfriend? I'm referring to Firebase alternatives. You've arrived on the correct planet.

Because you don't have to deal with server-side code, Firebase is an excellent tool for creating high-quality apps.

Firebase Alternatives

As a developer, you need to know which companies compete with Firebase because they can offer outstanding functionality at a low cost.

It means that just because Google creates a product doesn't ensure it'll be the top in its class. If this were the case, Dropbox would never be preferred over Google Drive by professionals.

I'll go over ten Firebase options in this article.

10 Firebase Alternatives

1. Back4App

Back4App is additionally one in every of the best solutions that are out there on the market that's designed for the creation of internet and mobile apps.

It conjointly permits you to host and manage your applications with ease.

The best part?

You can host your internet, IoT, and mobile applications on this platform and might speed up your development method.

Major features are:
  • Transfer app
  • Log viewer
  • Clone app
  • Email authentication
  • Data management
  • Private cloud option
  • Two factors AUTH
  • Automated backups
You may also use a REST API to take your app development to the next level.

2. AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is that the best ASCII text file backend as a service in cloud computing since it’s created by Amazon.
It helps you to make a server less app which may be effortlessly combined with JavaScript based mostly front apps. AWS Amplify is combined with iOS, Android, and React. This comes with a full toolkit which will be expected to handle multiple backend services in a very a lot of manageable and easier method.

Major features are:
  • Real-time database
  • Email marketing
  • Push notifications
  • API
  • GeoLocation
It gives you 5GB of free storage, which you may expand when you fill Amazon's pocket.

3. GameSparks

GameSparks could be a suite of cloud services that helps you quickly build on-line options games and so tune them when launch to enhance KPI like user engagement and keeping users engaged. When you rely on GameSparks, you'll just like the skillfulness of GameSparks like customization of options. Besides these functionalities, you'll additionally use its information as a Service feature that could be a terribly tension free feature for game developers. The capability to perform Meta-Games within which you'll use virtual currencies or product is another outstanding facet of GameSparks.

4. PubNub

PubNub, a Firebase rival, is well-known for its data streaming capabilities. Every month, data streaming messages can send trillions of messages. That's a tremendous figure. As a result, if you're creating a chat services application, PubNub could be a suitable fit.

PubNub provides features:
  • Send notifications even if the app is in the kill state with a mobile push notification.
  • Storage.
  • Stream Controllers are a feature that allows you to listen to a set number of channels over a single connection.
  • Repertoire.

5. Kuzzle

Kuzzle is a very adaptable service.

Kuzzle is for you if you want to create an innovative application.

Kuzzle is set to launch a backend platform that will bring together revolutionary mobile, web, and IoT technologies.

Also, Kuzzle provides feature like:
  • User’s AUTH
  • Multi-protocol API
  • Real-time functionality.
  • Strong storage
  • Push notifications
  • Data management
  • Advanced searches
  • Real-time data syncing


Hoodie is a self-hosted platform that focuses on the JavaScript backend and makes developer lives easier than it has ever been.

Hoodie features:
  • offline support
  • no backend technology
  • Runs both on hosted & locally
  • dedicated community

7. Firehouse

If you’re progressing to build a period of time internet application then look no additional than fire station.

The reason is pretty easy. fire station ne'er uses any quite advanced protocol.

The fire station is majorly passionate about the look policies of quiet.

Even once complexness will increase, it’ll raise you to use dissect protocols. And it'll additionally assist you to prove writing the whole app code.

8. Deployed

Deployed is one among the common powerful API style, ASCII text file readying platforms that has the potential to allow the developers to develop their mobile and internet applications with none hassle.

Deployed helps you to develop, design, deploy and customize application programming interfaces for any of their internet or mobile applications within the best cheap approach.

Moreover, it comes up with a a straightforward & simple library and provides you with API standard for the applications.

Also, it's straightforward and quick to develop a check API whereas developers develop the UI of your app.

9. Atmosphere

If you're looking for a fantastic application build platform for creating asynchronous web applications, Atmosphere is a strong contender.

Client-side and server-side components are included in Atmosphere.

Furthermore, it gives you with additional benefits to the developer in the most appropriate manner.

The major features are
  • SSE (Server sent events ) Support, etc.
  • HTTP Streaming
  • Long polling

10. MongoDB

Again last however not least, another different is MongoDB.

A lot of individuals presume that it's simply a information. But, it’s not.

MongoDB may be a NoSQL information.

MongoDB stores its knowledge in an exceedingly versatile JSON-like format (not specifically JSON).

The major advantage of MongoDB is that it’s a theme less i.e. if your theme is versatile then this might be a perfect state of affairs for a document store.

And a serious con is that knowledge size is higher as a result of it stores each document field’s name.

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